My Deep Work shortcut on Siri Shortcts is working wonderfully! It puts my phone on do not disturb mode and starts playing the Disco playlist. Coworkers have even learned to see the time timer above my monitor, know I am doing focused work and don’t knock on my door.

Spent an hour trying to convert an array into a range in Excel. Discovered that the data is too large for excel to handle the conversion. I like these little trajectories of explorations, even if they lead to dead-ends sometimes.

My wife and I took Olive on a 4 mile hike yesterday on the AT with 1000 ft of elevation gain. I think that was a bit much for our old girl.

The Smokey’s are all red and brown this time of the year. Picture taken from Silar Bald, ele. 5200 ft.

Journaling advice from Dr. Pennebaker via Austin Kleon

If you’re distressed about something, Dr. Pennebaker advises, set aside three to four days to write for 15 to 20 minutes a day about it. If you don’t find a benefit from it, he says, “stop doing it. Go jogging. See a therapist. Go to a bar. Go to church.”

RSS Feed Categories

Re-sorted my RSS feedreader categories – Cat A for what’s occupying my attention these days, Cat B for what to read if I am done with Cat A, Cat Other for everything else. I wish I could remember which blogger suggested this technique around a decade ago. This works so much better than categorzing by topic.

It’s nice that the iOS app for Outlook and Gmail give you a nice message when you reach Inbox Zero #inboxzero

Can’t believe I never tried out SQL before since I am already so familiar with Excel and Access. Going through a Udemy course now.

My current to-read list… once I finish LeGuin’s No Time to Spare and Ben Rich’s Skunk Works

Medium format film portrait of my wife is my new iPhone’s home screen. Not sure if this still counts as #minimalmac

Coming from the iPhone 5s, the Xs is a breath of fresh air… except the larger size and the camera bump. I don’t use a case on my phones so the bump stands out, literally.

I did a little over 3 hours of deep work today with the remaining day spent collborating, training and managing projects… not bad.